REVIEW: “Troo Raccoon” by M. Yzmore

Review of M. Yzmore, “Troo Raccooon,” Unfit Magazine 2 (2018): Purchase here. Reviewed by Sara L. Uckelman.

I love it when an author takes a common what if — what if the multiverse was real, and we could see into other worlds like our own, in this case — and gives it a hum-drum answer: Maybe we wouldn’t actually find anything better than what we’ve got in the actual world.

Zia and Sujay are gateway babysitters; they sit up and night and watch over the alternative earths. Most of the alternatives are empty of anything interesting until one day (of course) they discover an Earth where the meteor that sparked the dinosaur extinction never hit.

This story reminded me of the ST:Voyager episode where they met the descendants of Earth dinosaurs who evolved spacetravel capabilities: Good solid SF fun.

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