REVIEW: “Sing the End” by Claire McNerney

Review of Claire McNerney, “Sing the End” Cossmass Infinities 9 (2022): 75-79 — Read or purchase online. Reviewed by Sara L. Uckelman.

The story opens: “The mod­ern pop song struc­ture goes as fol­lows: in­tro, verse, cho­rus, verse, cho­rus, bridge, cho­rus, out,” and that’s the structure that this story then follows. It’s not quite “post-apocalyptic”, since the apocalypse is happening all around the characters. It’s hard not to read about the Death and think of the real world’s experiences with Covid-19, but this isn’t a pandemic story, as there’s plenty of other apocalypses the characters live through too, one after another until the narrator herself meets her end. A bit of a depressing read!