REVIEW: “Xiaolongbao: Soup Dumplings” by D.A. Xiaolin Spires

Review of D.A. Xiaolin Spires, “Xiaolongbao: Soup Dumplings”, Clarkesworld Issue 180, September (2021): Read Online. Reviewed by Myra Naik.

A bittersweet story of love, loss, longing and hope. Lyrical prose that sets the tone for the feel of the story as a whole, not just in terms of language.

There’s some magic and some science fiction, combining to make this heart-warming tale. The story revolves around two women who make xiaolongbao, for tradition, memory and umami.

The timeline of this story is set in a modern world, but the lovely prose gives us a timeless sort of feel. Very enjoyable story.