REVIEW: “Welcome to the New You: Terms and Conditions for the iCRISPR Gene-Editing Kit” by Douglas F. Dluzen

Review of Douglas F. Dluzen, “Welcome to the New You: Terms and Conditions for the iCRISPR Gene-Editing Kit”, Analog Science Fiction and Fact January/February (2020): 121–123 – Purchase Here. Reviewed by John Atom.

This was a fun little short short (or flash fiction, if you will), structured in the form of an ad email to a hypothetical customer who began the online purchase of a gene-editing kit but never finished it. The contents of the email outline the benefits of the company’s various gene-editing kits in an attempt to encourage the customer to complete their purchase. The terms and conditions of the product are also included in the email.

I enjoyed the humor and wit of the story, even though most of it was quite on the nose. A nice touch was the company’s name, uGENIX (like eugenics), which unfortunately, does not sound all that implausible. Most poignantly, the included “Terms and Conditions” were just more thinly veiled advertisements of the product, including an obvious plea for the user to petition their representative about governmental regulations against gene editing.

But here at uGENIX, we believe you should have access to your own genome in its entirety.

Overall, a rather well done and humorous story that should take about a minute or two to read.