REVIEW: “Learning to Hate Yourself as a Self-Defense Mechanism” by Andrea Kriz

Review of Andrea Kriz, “Learning to Hate Yourself as a Self-Defense Mechanism”, Clarkesworld Issue 184, January (2022): Read Online. Reviewed by Myra Naik.

The narrator’s friend made a virtugame that featured their relationship. It also included a slightly fictionalized version of the narrator, a hurtful one at that.

You know that moment when you discover that someone you thought of as a friend just thought of you as a means to an end, a joke, or perhaps both?

That’s what our narrator faces, and then makes a choice. An insightful story into interpersonal relationships, especially with people who think of you in a much different way than you think of them.

REVIEW: “Resistance in a Drop of DNA” by Andrea Kriz

Review of Andrea Kriz, “Resistance in a Drop of DNA”, Clarkesworld Issue 179, August (2021): Read Online. Reviewed by Myra Naik.

Science and DNA against the backdrop of a resistance taking place in occupied France.

Our protagonist starts the story dedicated to the resistance, having previously fought the war against the invaders as well. Once they meet the Professor, they find a broader purpose. There is still dedication to the resistance, but there is something else, something more also. An anchor for the previously unmoored.

A tale full of the discovery of possibilities, with a strong focus on honor, valor, and undying faith.