REVIEW: “After the Storm” by A.M. Faller

Review of A.M. Faller, “After the Storm”, Luna Station Quarterly 47 (2021): Read online. Reviewed by Sara L. Uckelman.

“Lostara Oasis was about to run out of water”, and the Council of Seven have sent Dowsers out into the Barren to find new sources. Aza is one of them, but she’s unlike all the others: She was born outside the capital, to Feral parents who scavenged in the Barren. When she’s sent into the desert without an escort, it’s clear that no one would care too much if she died. But Aza’s too good a pilot and too good a dowser to let a single sandstorm stop her from her quest, and in the end her persistence is rewarded, as she discovers something far more important and valuable than water.