REVIEW: “Company for Tea” by Kimber Camacho

Review of Kimber Camacho, “Company for Tea”, in Myths, Monsters, and Mutations, edited by Jessica Augustsson (JayHenge Publications, 2017): 1-11. — Purchase here. Reviewed by Sara L. Uckelman. (Read the review of the anthology.)

This, the opening story of the anthology, kicks things off with a classic speculative story, set in Lovecraft’s universe as is made clear by references to Miskatonic University.

I found the speech cadences of the opening section a bit awkward until I read them as if they were intended to be read aloud, and then suddenly everything sounded a lot better. The opening section is clearly intended to provide a framing for the rest of the story, but unfortunately I found it raised more questions than it answered. What woke the monster? What words are it speaking that are identifiable as words, given that they have not been spoken for untold ages? It is also not clear, from the ordering of the sections, whether the monster in section 1 is the same one as the one in section 2, or not.

The rest is a story I found pleasantly enjoyable, but I suspect it is probably better aimed at people who already know Lovecraft’s universe. For them, though, this should be right to their taste!

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