Welcome to SFFReviews and #shortSFFrev

Today is the big day! For the last month we have been preparing the site, recruiting reviewers, and — most importantly — reading lots and lots of science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, steampunk, solarpunk, etc., etc., etc., stories, all of which will be reviewed here over the coming months.

Our aim is provide short reviews of short SFF stories that reflect a diversity of voices and opinions from both the authors and the reviewers. Other than a few formatting requirements to ensure the reviews are presented and tagged in a uniform fashion, and one content requirement — don’t be mean! — reviewers are free to write their reviews as they please. Some people will focus on the story; some on the narration; some on the language. Some of the reviews will be more slanted to the factual and the objective; some will be the reviewer’s own personal response to a piece. Some reviews will be longer than others, but don’t be surprised if most come in around 200 words — after all, one doesn’t want a review to be longer to read than the story itself!

We hope that through this site we can support lesser known authors and venues, and help get word out to people who wish to read good, quick SFF stories. In the beginning, we will publish a new review every three days; as we recruit more reviewers and build up a big enough queue, we will increase the frequency until — our goal at this point — we’re publishing a review a day. To that end, we are always happy to receive expressions of interest from people who might like to join our reviewer team — see here for more information.

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm, and giving us an excuse to spend more time reading fiction.

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